The Field Fund was founded on Martha’s Vineyard in 2017 by three working mothers who were eager to prove that healthy, organically maintained grass playing fields are the safest, most environmentally and financially responsible choice for Island schools, towns, and children.

The Field Fund offers both supplemental maintenance and renovations of playing fields; along with training and support for our partner schools and towns personnel, with the goal of improving the quality of these important recreational spaces for the Island community. Thoughtful, data-driven maintenance allows for intensive use, while minimizing surface-related injuries, rainouts, irrigation, and synthetic inputs. We encourage our partner schools and towns to leave their fields open – and offer additional maintenance in exchange. The grass can take it.

Another happy byproduct of The Field Fund’s work is that the fields serve as a climate mitigation tools by sequestering carbon in their soil and offering a natural cooling effect. Children can enjoy sport in nature, not at the expense of it.

Final Thought

Beyond our work here on Martha’s Vineyard, The Field Fund supports grass growing efforts in communities nationwide. While our formula for success is specific to the Island’s unique soil and climate, community needs, and sports culture, our approach can be adapted and applied to any place looking to better maintain their fields without breaking the bank or poisoning their environment. Our greatest reward is being able to share our experience – pitfalls and all! – with others.


Fall 2017

  • Ran a pilot program to test our maintenance practices and refine our approach

  • Partnered with The Oak Bluffs School, The West Tisbury School, the Town of West Tisbury, and the Town of Chilmark for a total of about 8.25 acres of fields

  • Received a community grant from Toxics Use Reduction Institute to purchase a spike aerator to use on fields Island-wide

Spring 2018

Summer 2018

Fall 2018 & Beyond

  • Hosted 2-day professional training with Natural Grass Advisory Group for The Field Fund team and partner groundskeepers

  • Purchased new moveable soccer goals for Chilmark and Oak Bluffs School

  • Consider renovation of The West Tisbury School field(s) or Edgartown School field if needed

  • Full renovation of The Tisbury School fields. We have formally supported the school renovation effort in Tisbury and hope to work with them to realize an updated campus when the time comes