The Field Fund, Inc. understands that effective maintenance depends on having the right tools. We are building a high quality fleet of specialized equipment to use Island-wide.

Redexim level spike 2200

Purchased thanks to a generous community grant from Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI), this slicing aerator packs a punch — opening approximately 14% of field surface area, without disturbing the field or interfering with field usage. It alleviates surface compaction to drastically improve drainage and decrease irrigation. Reducing surface compaction also encourages root growth and improves carbon sequestration potential.

Redexim overseeder 1275

This overseeder cuts the seed into the soil, ensuring that our high quality seed stays exactly where we want it — in the ground. There it stays moist for faster germination and is safe from wind, rain, and birds. And it does so without disturbing the playing surface or releasing sequestered carbon.

Air2G2 - coming soon

Compacted soil inhibits oxygen circulation, water movement, gas exchange and more. The Air2G2 uses air-injection process which relieves compaction, increases porosity and enhances respiration by fracturing hardpan layers to enable airflow and increase drainage. The Air2G2 accomplishes all of this with minimal disruption to the surface and without damage to the roots below.