The West Tisbury School’s East fields are home to the school’s 360 students and are the heart of the Island’s recreational soccer program. This program supports 300 children ages 4-10 (as well as their families!). The fields are in use by the rec program Monday-Friday afternoons, and all day on Saturday throughout the fall (7 weeks) and spring (8 weeks) seasons. While the drainage, grass cover, and soil composition have come a long way over the past year and a half, one ongoing challenge for this site are the underground tree stumps (vestiges from when the woods were originally clear-cut), that decompose causing wide, sunken areas. Like a never-ending game of whack-a-mole, we need to regularly fill and overseed those areas.

2 acres, irrigated

  • Surface and subsurface decompaction

  • Overseeded twice a year

  • Organic fertilizer per soil tests

  • Mowed twice a week during growing season