The Town of West Tisbury's field abuts the West Tisbury School and the West Tisbury School's East Fields. This field serves as a main location for Island league soccer in the fall and for tee-ball in the spring. It also supports the women’s soccer league in the summer and pick up games by community members year round. It is not irrigated and was profoundly compacted. But with regular maintenance we have seen a marked improvement in field quality.

1.4 acres, Not IRRIgated

  • Surface and subsurface decompaction

  • Mowed twice a week during growing season

  • Organic fertilizer per soil tests, but imperative to coordinate with weather because of no irrigation

  • Received some intensive maintenance this spring after a section of the field was randomly torn up one day. To address the damage, we rolled the area, sanded, topdressed and seeded. The area is almost entirely filled in now.