School, Hospital Officials React To Large-Scale Heat Exhaustion at John Marshall Brooke Chaplain
Posted: Sep 6, 2018 / 10:09 PM UTC / Updated: Sep 7, 2018 / 09:01 AM UTC

On Thursday, dozens of band members were rushed to area hospitals after the heat became too much during band practice.

Students from John Marshall High School, Sherrard and Moundsville Middle Schools were practicing at Monarch Stadium, when they were overcome with heat radiating from the turf.

10 EMS agencies from Ohio, Marshall and Belmont Counties responded and transported 37 students to area hospitals.

Parents and students said it was a scary day.

“Well they called me at the school at first to say that students had overheated and some were being sent to the hospital. It was just too hot for the kids to be marching out there. Hopefully, next time, they’ll have enough to keep them hydrated,” said Debbie Clark, local mother.

“I got on the field and it was so hot, but I wasn’t really concerned about myself because some of my friends were going down on the field. My one friend couldn’t even see what was happening. We tried to get to the Band Director, but she collapsed,” added Rebekah Clark, a band member.

Parents told 7News they actually took a heat radar to the field and found the turf’s temperature was at 160 degrees.

At this time, most students have been treated with fluids and sent home.

OVMC doctors confirm they’re keeping one student overnight for monitoring.

Rebekah Thomson