Many people are under the false impression that there is GMO grass seed. This is not so. Grass seed has self selected over generations, etc. However, grass seed is where to begin. Seed selection is key.

The challenging weather conditions experienced on the Vineyard combined with sandy soils put all seed types to to the test. Fast establishment and durability are paramount. To achieve this, The Field Fund utilizes both regenerating perennial ryegrasses and super elite Kentucky bluegrasses. These superior perennial ryegrasses germinate in under 5 days at very low soil temperatures. Once established, the ryegrass is extremely durable and able to withstand heavy use and survive summer heat stress. Super elite Kentucky bluegrass germinates and grows at higher soil temperatures than ryegrass. But even when not growing, the spreading rhizomes and strong, deep, dense root system of Kentucky bluegrass provides stability and support for the ryegrass. The combination of the different varieties of grass creates a superior sward of grass to support heavy-use nearly year round.